UAVs Are Not Only Cheaper But Also More Efficient Than Manned Aircraft

Many industries could see a considerable rise in profits with the employment of unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV), a bird’s view of objectives is vital in many industries, so much so that people are willing to pay helicopter pilots to survey them regularly. Needless to say those UAVs are more cost efficient, both the craft itself and the pilot’s time.

Commercial uses are just now starting to be explored with amazing promise

They are equipped with both photo and video capability and they can take pictures at a much better resolution than commercial satellites. They can see much use not only in companies that require extensive mapping of the terrain but also in industries reliant on extensive monitoring. In agriculture for example UAVs would allow real time evaluation of the crops, being able to immediately identify watering and pesticide needs could easily help farmers improve their yield. They can be used in the cities to quickly find lost cars and pets or out in the wilderness to find cattle and even missing persons.

Another sector that can benefit from unmanned aerial vehicles would be real estate. It greatly helps with presentations, especially in the case of luxury properties that can sometimes cover large land areas. Being able to provide a detailed aerial location and a view of the surrounding neighborhood can help with the selling process and help you maintain a very high standard for your portfolio.

UAVs are just now entering commercial markets and they promise to revolutionize a lot of fields in the coming years, one of the more innovative uses discussed being the cheap and fast delivery of products right to your home.

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