A Helpful Guide for Buying Suitable Control Arm and Suspension Parts of Your Car

Every vehicle undergoes wear and tear. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can always experience the luxury of your brand new car. It is also very important to change some parts of the car after certain time. This will affect your riding experience, ac consumption, mileage and performance of your engine.

What are control arms and why should you change it?

Control arms are those adjacent parts, which hold the tire and wheels firmly together, within the frame. When you hit a bump in the road, these control arms help in reducing any harmful effect and maintains a right angle to the road surface.

This in turn also affects the usage of brakes and acceleration of your car. The coil springs also come under the control arms. In short, the small parts, which regulate the upward and downward motion of the axle, are known as control arms.

Suspension spares

The kit, which helps your car to cope with potholes and rugged surfaces on the road, is termed as suspension. They absorb the shock and help you in smooth driving. There are different types/brands of suspension for different types of cars, such as KW Suspension and not only.

For example, the models are different for the sedans, hatchback and racing cars. You need to choose it carefully. It is better to use particular car suspension parts for the particular vehicle.


Make sure that you buy these suspension parts from reliable sources. These parts are also available in the online store.

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